AWS Support Statement

AWS Summit NYC
Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in the cloud with more than one million users, provides businesses and developers around the world with highly reliable and secure technology infrastructure so they can instantly acquire compute power, storage, and other on-demand services in the cloud.

modelizeIT Inc provides its software instances hosted on AWS EC2 in various locations and availability zones to provide SaaS services to clients with high availability, low latency, and according to the required data location policies.

modelizeIT partners use modelizeIT software to plan migrations to the cloud. This includes:
  • identification of business applications and business services,
  • mapping of the applications/services architecture and dependencies,
  • enterprise licensing and capacity assessment and planning (including capacity planning for architecture changes such as a migration of uncapped AIX LPARs to Linux VMs),
  • as well as wave planning.
  • Moreover, mapping each server to its business service identifies the unused servers that can be retired instead of migrated.

Case study: Centroid Systems
Case study: CloudLogicIT
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