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modelizeIT RejuvenApptor™ is an enterprise-grade Application Mapping technology. It analyzes deep configuration details of enterprise software systems on almost any operating system to produce meaningful application diagrams even with no human input. The diagram below illustrates a WebLogic cluster with several domains automatically modeled and diagrammed according to the actual configuration.

WebLogic Cluster

Auto-drafting of logic diagrams

modelizeIT RejuvenApptor™ automatically identifies logical groups of IT components that likely form business applications/services and auto-generates meaningful diagrams for each such identified group.

This means that the mostly-manual labor-consuming process of looking at each individual server and trying to guess what it is doing and asking IT staff questions (that they cannot answer) is no longer necessary in many cases. Instead, IT staff or consultants only need to verify the generated diagrams (or compare against the existing documentation) and augment them with the business-related data. The mapping process is driven by the actual data rather than mostly by potentially inaccurate interviews. In fact, it allows for the identification of forgotten/dark IT in an automated way. In addition, this saves IT staff labor and dramatically accelerates the mapping process.


Classification and filtering of dependencies, software, and data

The generated diagrams for auto-identified logical groups, manually specified applications, migration waves, etc. can be displayed with various levels of detail. The left diagram below contains IT infrastructure components and the diagram to the right contains only the dependencies and components that are necessary to understand the logic of the application. This type of filtering is performed automatically by the system at the level of internal software details (e.g., notice how many applications are deployed on the application server shown in the left diagram).

Diagram Details Example

Migration waves planning

The same logical groups identification algorithm can be used to define migration waves in an optimal way. The move waves are suggested so that no application dependencies are interrupted during the migration. Therefore, the down times are predicted and minimized. Moreover, the total amount of testing iterations is minimized as well resulting in faster and cheaper migrations.

Waves List

Enterprise software licensing analysis

Enterprise software licensing is tricky. For example, an Oracle database option or pack may be easily enabled by mistake and may require a license as expensive as the database itself. We capture the information and generate licensing reports sufficient for accurate licensing compliance assessments to minimize audit risks and save on unused licenses.

Oracle Licensing Report Example


The system resources utilization is captured over a period of time (CPU, memory, swap, and network and storage I/O). This is especially useful for consultants who may not have access to all in-house monitoring tools and reports.

Utilization Report Example


Unknown Business Applications Mapping Demo Video

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