Case Study: CloudLogic IT

Prior state of business
CloudLogicIT was recently founded with the vision to create a comprehensive suite of services to address the changing needs of today's IT organizations as they balance traditional and cloud environments. Cloud and hybrid data center strategy, transformation and migration are core to their business. CloudLogic needed a tool to map application architectures and plan migrations for their clients.

Problem statement/definition
The CloudLogicIT team needed a tool for customer migration planning that provided application identification, architecture mapping and wave and capacity planning.

modelizeIT proposition
modelizeIT proposed use of their tool to quickly inventory and map the datacenter application architecture, including a deep assessment of application and services dependencies.

Outcome of using modelizeIT technologies
CloudLogicIT uses modelizeIT software to discover, analyze and map clients' infrastructure and applications for transformational projects.
For example, they recently used modelizeIT with a healthcare client with 700 assets and 250 applications.
These servers and applications are owned by many segregated departments and teams, and the flexibility of modelizeIT data collection process was paramount. In fact, for a significant number of servers the owners and related business processes were unknown to the client team responsible for the project. modelizeIT software uncovered these unknown unknowns.
The healthcare client's response after seeing the modelizeIT analysis: "this is amazing!"

AWS services used
modelizeIT uses AWS EC2 for instances needed to train the migration teams.

The number of source VMs scanned
700 source servers used by 250 applications.

Lessons learned
Clients appreciate when architecture diagrams resemble the diagram formats commonly created by IT architects manually, and when the tool not just confirms with what they already know, but uncovers whole business applications and structure lost by IT staff.