Case Study: Centroid Systems

Prior state of business
Centroid is a cloud services and technology company that provides Oracle enterprise workload consulting and managed services across Public and Private Clouds. Centroid's broad range of capabilities helps clients modernize, transform, and grow their business to the next level.
Prior to engaging with modelizeIT, Centroid used many other tools and a manual process to gather the critical software licensing cost information from their clients needed to complete Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) customer migration analyses.

Problem statement/definition
Before using modelizeIT, the other tools that were used for calculating TCO were difficult to deploy and limited in their licensing assessment capabilities. These tools also required a significant amount of time and effort for manual post-processing.

modelizeIT proposition
modelizeIT proposed a single easy to use tool that accurately and efficiently collects the software licensing costs needed for the TCO analysis. Unlike other tools, modelizeIT quickly and easily captures utilization, determines capacity need, maps application architecture and supports wave planning.

Outcome of using modelizeIT technologies
Centroid uses modelizeIT to discover, inventory and measure their clients use of certain technologies in their data centers to prepare for migrations. They also use modelizeIT to determine what servers are used and unused prior to migration of their applications and systems to the Cloud.
The ease of use and accuracy of modelizeIT greatly benefits the Centroid team, and greatly enhances the services they deliver.

AWS services used
modelizeIT uses AWS EC2 for instances needed to train the Centroid team.
Centroid clients use numerous other AWS services before, during, and after the migrations including EC2 servers in the source and target environments. However, modelizeIT is involved in the assessment and initial planning phases only and, therefore, does not have a complete insight into all of the AWS services used by clients.

The number of source VMs scanned
Centroid has used modelizeIT technologies to scan more than ten thousand servers over more than four years.
These servers run various flavors of UNIX, Linux, Windows operating systems; are located across the globe; and use tricky clustering, replication, virtualization, and containerization technologies common for the large enterprises.

Lessons learned
Making it easy for clients to deploy the tool and automating the complex enterprise licensing reporting and analysis provides immediate value to Centroid clients. Enterprise licensing analysis is the dominant TCO factor for many clients, far outweighing the infrastructure-related TCO factors.