Identify Unused (a.k.a. Comatose or Zombie) Servers

Unused servers generate no value but drain IT budgets, IT personnel's time, consume building space and energy.
According to various studies, 8-10%, 15-30%, and as many as 50% of the servers in datacenters are unused (read from ENERGY STAR®).

Instead of consuming your IT personnel's time asking questions that they cannot answer or using unreliable CPU utilization metrics we analyze business application topologies. Here is how it works:

 1. We map every server in a datacenter to its business function using our business application topology discovery platform.
 2. After that we ask only a few targeted questions when necessary.
 3. We give you a list of servers and a list of expensive software that is not being used.

Read technical details in our research paper published at USENIX CoolDC'16: open PDF

Estimate your savings:
The calculator below can help you calculate potential savings opportunities for various datacenter characteristics and "what if" scenarios. Because our goal is the discovery of unknown unknowns, it is impossible to predict in advance how many servers are not being used in your specific IT environment before the actual discovery process. Note: any default values may not correspond to your specific environment.

Unknown unknown

Enterprise IT environments are complex. Some information is well documented. Some information is known to IT staff and can be collected via interviews. However, some knowledge is always lost and nobody even knows what is not known. With our automated business application topologies discovery capabilities we are going after these so-called unknown unknowns.